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Welcome to experiencing top quality services and solutions for your IT needs!
Whether you are a home user, small business owner running a few computer applications or a midsize organization managing multiple users, I am offering solutions for your Network, Hardware and Software needs! My areas of expertise:

​I will work with you to determine your individual business needs. I am using industry leading hardware and software providers such as Cisco, Dell, HP, Watch Guard, and more.

Design and Installation
My servers and infrastructure are designed to specifically meet your business requirements, fast, reliable and cost effective.

  • I provide all products related to a network infrastructure: Routers (Firewalls), Switches, Cable, Server cabinets, UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and more. I also able to provide a Wireless Network Design for your office environment.
  • All of the products are prepared and tested thoroughly prior to installation.

Data backup
A most important part of my design and setup of any infrastructure is the data backup. When a company or organization suffers a catastrophic server failure, theft, fire or a major water damage they will likely not be able to stay in business if they do not have proper backups in place. It is critical!

Everyone knows that securing your business data is absolutely necessary.  Why do so many companies put small business network security on the bottom of their priority list?

My security products provide cost effective Backup, Intrusion Protection and most of all: Peace of Mind! I am using industry leading security providers such as Watch Guard, SonicWall and Symantec including any VPN appliances.

  • I will ensure you have a business class router/firewall in place to protect your network, which cannot be found at BestBuy or Staples.
  • Commercial grade business router/firewall have been built to prevent intrusion and to block off cyber-attacks and hackers.

Troubleshooting and Repair
Whether resolving an issue on your workstation or server, or getting your printer and peripherals to work properly, I can make your problems go away. I offer on-site, telephone and remote support options all during regular business hours or after-hours.  

Hardware and Software Solutions
I provide support for all industry standard hardware devices. I install and configure servers, hardware components, computer systems and network devices. If you require diagnostics, installation, or looking to upgrade your current system, I am your best choice.

Hardware and Software Support

I have a proven record of excellent customer service and communication with my clients. I am always friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to your needs.

I pride myself with having a management process in place that will ensure a smooth system implementation.

Documentation is key to a successful management of any network environment. I will provide a hardware and software inventory including keeping track of licensing. I also will provide a Disaster Recovery Plan that will prepare you for any kind of server failure or a disaster like fire or water damage. This plan will help getting you access to your business data fast.